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We Offer the Following Services


  • Project Management Consultancy Services

  • Project Engineering and Development 

  • Project Controls and Planning

  • Manage and coordinate the De Construction, De Commissioning programs and all associated preparation

  • De Construction, De Commissioning program field execution

  • Permitting and regulatory Compliance

  • Asset and material recovery, identification, re sales and disposal

  • Stakeholder engagement and management

  • Environment permit approvals and coordination

  • Risk, cost, and progress analysis 

  • Contractor management 

  • Personnel deployment and coordination

  • Program step by step work pack development and planning  

Port side of vessel from helideck 13th M


We want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Portreef Holdings. All of our services exist to make your life easier and stress free. Every dismantling project presents a unique requirement in terms of planning and execution.  As every asset is built in a bespoke way, logic dictates they must be dismantled in a similar bespoke manner. You can trust us to manage your asset removal with integrity and transparency so that you will be an integral part of the process.

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Portreef will provide a project management program and suitably experienced team before any physical decommissioning work can commence. Therefore a number of pre-work activities must be completed as part of that program. The pre-job components of a decommissioning program consist of the following activities:

De-commissioning Planning;

Decommissioning planning includes gathering and reviewing the asset including all well data and relevant information, preparing a decommissioning estimate, and performing an inspection of the asset. This is the initial phase of the decommissioning project. An Approval for Expenditure (AFE) cost estimate for the asset is developed and submitted to the owner for approval.  As with any project to move forward within given timelines and agreed schedules its imperative that preparation and planning regimes are established early and with agreed priorities.

De- commissioning Engineering;

A detailed engineering analysis will be carried out to determine the specific procedures, equipment, and manpower that may be used in the decommissioning process. The analysis will include the determination of the weights of individually removed pieces, crane capacities, and the structural stability of the asset at all stages of the dismantling process.

A project management team headed by Portreef will be established together with owner or operator personnel. The main de construction/commissioning contractor will join the group after bids are reviewed and the contractor is selected.


The project management team prepares all permits, along with any necessary attachments. The permit requests are submitted to the asset owner for review and approval. Once approved, the project management team submits the requisite number of copies to the appropriate Regularity Authority for approval and issuance of permit before any works start.

Contractor Bidding

The project management team work together to determine the manner by which bids will be developed to take advantage of the amount of work to maximise economies of scale. The bidding process will come under a strict governance process and will follow an agreed bidding strategy and be fully auditable and compliant. 

Pre activity discussions, research and agreements.

Prior to commencing any de construction/commissioning work, pre-job discussions are held with each contractor, the project management team, and the asset owner’s representatives. The goal of these discussions is to establish that all parties involved understand the Scope of Work, operational and safety procedures, reporting requirements and schedule and budget deadlines etc.

Rest assured that the removal of the asset its equipment and material will be carried out in a controlled manner to ensure the maximum re sales value is achieved.

Whenever you work with Portreef Holdings Pty Ltd, you can trust that you’re in great hands. 



Portreef Holdings will prepare all the appropriate documentation, authorisations and permits from the local state and federal regularity authorities to ensure assets, with potentially hazardous waste or environmental concerns are dealt appropiatley and all specific guidelines are met.

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