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Completion Solutions

Initially used for project completions PWCOM has been restructured to do the opposite and provided a similar approach but in removal rather than installation.
PWCOM is a very intuitive and user-friendly completions Management System. The interface has been designed for the end-user and has been written by completions personnel with completions requirements in mind.



PWCOM is 99% user definable. Once set-up there is very little need for personnel with deep-end database skills to manipulate PWCOM.
Reporting from PWCOM is clear and concise. New reports can be added to PWCOM very easily to suit site requirements.
PWCOM works on developing multi discipline work packs to be able to remove each piece of equipment or material and record that removal for its condition and re salable value.

PWCOM Image 14.JPG


By defining the work pack limits down to a lower level of sub system the ability to estimate the value of the asset is much more definable. 
Our aim is to provide the client with enough information that allows for asset recovery to be estimated for its actual re sales value rather that scrap value. This needs to be closely monitored so that the effort to remove the asset is not overly priced.



Portreef Holdings will provide as part of a package the company completion management system PWCOM developed to ensure a fully transparent and audible trail for the removal of equipment and material and that the correct level of documentation is captured through all phases of the project. To compliment the package scheduled training regimes at any location into its implementation and operational capabilities can be included for client personnel.

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