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How We Got Here

Portreef Holdings Pty Ltd was established in 1994 as a project management and engineering consultancy specializing in the Oil and Gas sectors of industry. It was further developed and structured to concentrate on the de construction and de commissioning of depleted assets within this industry and Asia Pacific region.

With the recent focus on massive investment in LNG it is easy to forget that the oil and gas industry in the Asia Pacific region is nearly 100 years old and many assets are coming to the end of their producing life cycle. This has led to an upsurge in both the de-construction and de-commissioning of onshore and offshore Oil and Gas facilities. 

The decision to decommission an asset or field is typically driven by several key drivers, including commodity price fluctuations, basin maturity, operational cost overheads, and/or whether an asset could be used as a production hub.

There are a significant number of considerations when planning a decommissioning programme, beginning with regulatory approval. Cessation of field Production is closely followed by the decision on the asset’s future.  If the asset is to be decommissioned, there is a great deal of onshore as well as offshore preparatory work required to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

Portreef Holdings are using this upsurge to concentrate their expertise in providing the required tools and processes needed to plan and carry out the delicate program of activities that ensures a safe and environmental free process of de construction and de commissioning of the depleted assets but at the same time protecting the value of the asset and its commodity value.

Portreef Holdings have been involved in projects varying in size, cost and schedule and regard each project with maximum importance and priority. We will provide during the de commissioning program dedicated personnel with a goal to complete the program safely, within the agreed schedule, within budget and with as much asset recovery as possible.

Our personnel have been involved in many geographical locations and have extensive experience working with labor forces from an array of varying ethnic backgrounds with differing languages and customs. All personnel have constantly proven to be able to communicate and pass on their knowledge gained on a wide variety of projects, and will be an asset to any de commissioning project with all personnel having been involved in the actual development of many of the facilities therefore bringing the expertise with them. 

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